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Football Club

The Football club will be run by Mr Bowskill 


Our After School Clubs provide fun ways for children to play, learn new skills and gain fresh experiences at an affordable price.  After School Clubs are run on a HALF TERM basis to enable children to move along the waiting list.

It will cost £5 per child to attend a club for the whole half term. Payments must be given to our office team who will then add your child to the register. An application form must be completed along with payment before your child is able to attend.  You must have received confirmation verbally or by text message from Mr Bowskill before your child starts. Application forms can be collected from the school office.


Demand has always been high for these clubs so please complete the form as soon as possible and return it on paper to the office. Your child will be placed onto the waiting list if your chosen club is full.
Children are placed onto the waiting list when the club you have chosen is full. Your child will be selected for the next half term or if a space becomes free.  You will receive confirmation message from Mr Bowskill  before your child starts. 


This club has been running for over 10 years and has always been very popular with children here at Summerside. Our football teams take part in competitions in Barnet and are very successful.