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REAch2 now has over 55 schools and is organised into 4 regions.


Our school is part of the North Central region. 


Schools in the region


Green Ridge Primary Academy


Chigwell Primary Academy;  Dorothy Barley Junior Academy; Langtons Junior Academy; Pemberley Primary Academy; Purfleet Primary Academy; Water Lane Primary Academy


Garden City Primary Academy; Wilshere-Dacre Junior Academy


Chapel End Junior School; Concordia Primary Academy; Minerva Primary Academy; Summerside Primary Academy; Woodside Primary Academy


Civitas Primary Academy; The Palmer Academy; Ranikhet Primary Academy



All our schools share the same governance structure and you can find information about the trust on the REAch2 website at www.reach2.org.  The Governance page gives details of how the Trust is organised, including the Articles of Association, the Master Funding Agreement and all the documents which relate to how the Trust was founded and how it runs today.  You can also find details of who our trustees are.


Our school has joined REAch2 recently and therefore has transition board (TB).  There is a scheme of delegation, which details how the TB should work.  Like local governing bodies the TB holds meetings during the year in which it helps to support the school, its leadership and pupils whilst challenging to make sure that everyone achieves as much progress as they should.


One of the main differences between a transition board and a local governing body is that the transition board is often made up of REAch2 staff (for example a regional director or a governance advisor), along with external governors.  The reason for this is that it helps the school become part of the trust quickly, with someone on the spot who can explain how the trust and its regions work, how the curriculum and finances are organised and how we measure performance and progress.  The other main difference is that a transition board will usually only be in place for a maximum of one year.  Then the school will have a local governing body, as most of our schools do and one of the jobs of a transition board is to recruit the LGB members.


In the same way that local governors have to declare their details, so do members of the transition board.  You can find out about our transition board here [link to governor details].    They can invite other members of staff in to meetings to discuss current issues.  They have to declare that they are working for the school in an open and honest way and so fill in a declarations of interests form.  There will be link to our declations of interests forms here soon. Meetings are held and minutes are taken just as they were when the school was maintained by the local authority.


The TB also works alongside a regional board where region-wide issues are discussed.  The Regional Board is made up of volunteers, alongside head teachers and chairs of governors.  There is also a team of regional officers, led by the Regional Director, Gill Ellyard.  They provide support to the schools in finance, HR, estates and governance.


We have to share this information with you about our transition board members and governance:

REACh2 Trust website www.reach2.org/governance-policy/governance


Our board members’ names are:

Jennifer Field, Vice Chair of Interim Governing Body, SEND

Jayne Franklin, Finance, Statutory Grants

Stuart Lester, Chair of Interim Governing Body and Safeguarding

Nadine Lewis (Headteacher)

Vanessa Whitehead


The transition board’s terms of reference will be available here soon.




Current employer

Position held



Gov/trustee of other school/education establishment


Jenifer Afghan

(Maternity Leave)

The Compton School

Assistant Headteacher





Jayne Franklin

Children’s Hospital School @ GOSH & UCH




Children’s Hospital School @ GOSH & UCH as Headteacher appointed Sept 2011. Ongoing


Stuart Lester



Institute of Chartered Accountants


The Hyde School as Chair appointed 2013. Ongoing.


Hungerford Primary. Prospective Chair from early 2018.


Buxton International Festival as Board member for 8 years approx.


Nova Music Opera as Trustee for 6 years approx.


DaCapo Music Foundation as Trustee for 12 years approx.


Helios Collective as Trustee for 2 years approx..



Nadine Lewis



NAHT and Association of Teachers of Mathematics

No to both



Future meetings


Monday 15th October

Thursday 29th November


Meetings take place at 6:30pm in Summerside staffroom.

Sandwiches, snacks and hot drinks are provided.