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How is progress monitored for children who have SEND at Summerside?

  • Your child’s progress will be continually monitored by his/her class teacher, other members of staff who work with the child and the SENCo/Senior Leadership Team.
  • His/her progress will be reviewed formally with the Head Teacher and SENCo at least every term in Pupil Progress Meetings and IEP reviews.
  • If your child receives an extra intervention, their progress in this intervention will be received at least half-termly.
  •  If your child has an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) /Statement of Educational Needs of high levels of needs, then B2 (a sensitive assessment tool) may also be used to inform progress.
  • At the end of each key stage (i.e. at the end of year 2 and year 6), all children are required to be formally assessed using Standard Assessment Tests (SATs). This is something the government requires all schools to do and are the results that are published nationally.
  • The progress of children with a statement of SEN/EHCP will be formally reviewed at an Annual Review with all adults involved with the child’s education.
  • Regular book scrutinies and lesson observations will be carried out by the SENCo and other members of the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that the needs of all children are met and that the quality of teaching and learning is high.
  • Many children with SEND at Summerside are assessed using additional assessments such as NARA Reading analysis and the Sandwell Test for maths. This are updated as appropriate and can provide additional information.