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How will Summerside support your child’s mental health, social and emotional wellbeing?

e recognise that some children have extra social, emotional and social needs that need to be developed and nurtured.

All classes follow a structured Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum and have Circle Time weekly to support this development. However, for those children who find aspects of this difficult we offer:

  • Lunchtime support through planned activities and groups e.g. ICT Club.
  • A Learning Mentor department which support children with various barriers to learning in a personalised way
  • Play therapist
  • Art therapist
  • Social skills intervention and support


We use a Boxhall Profile assessment to help us target support when a child does not make good progress within an intervention.


Assemblies are also a key way that we support our children’s well being e.g. e-safety assemblies.


Pupil Voice


We believe that we have created a strong culture and ethos where pupil voice is central. We take pupils’ opinions and concerns seriously.

Children have a real say in the running of the school via the School Council. The School Council are responsible for making many changes in the school, especially over the past year.

Pupils can raise concerns through any teacher/member of staff.

They can use the Worry Box to request an adult speaks to them about a concern.

Pupil Voice is sought in an inclusive and accessible fashion e.g. for IEPs and at Annual Reviews.

Pupil Surveys are conducted and analysed annually.




Please see our Anti-Bullying Policy for more details.