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Read Write Inc. at Summerside


Read Write Inc. is the programme we use to teach children to read. At the heart of Read Write Inc. is the systematic teaching of all the common sounds in the English language (RWI calls these the Speed Sounds). Children are taught to recognise the sounds and to put them together (‘sound blend’ them) into words for reading. This is our third year of using the programme and it has been very successful. Its principles are also rooted in the New Curriculum (2014).


Reading opens the door to learning and our aim is to make every child a reader. Using Read Write, the children learn to read effortlessly so that they can put all their energy into comprehending what they read.

Your child will be put into a small literacy group appropriate to their level. This group may change often as your child progresses and they will often be taught by teachers and staff that are not their class teachers.

Throughout the day your child will be exposed to a rich variety of quality texts and stories to develop their love of stories and storytelling.


What can you do to support your child:

Read with your child and to your child every day.

Take them to the library and expose them to a rich variety of quality books.

Tell them stories and help them make up stories.

Practise their Speed Sounds with them and tell them to ‘Fred Talk’ new words that they find hard to read.


Progression in Reading

From Year 2 to Year 6 children build on their reading skills by continuing with books from a variety of reading schemes.  Every day all children have a guided reading session in class where they will read quality texts and complete associated activities.


In addition we use The Power of Reading resources as the basis for English lessons. The texts are interesting and exciting and promote a love of reading as well as providing contexts for writing.