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There will be a Maths open day on Wednesday 8th June.

Please come along to the large hall to see some of the work your children have been doing.

If you like meeting and working with others you will enjoy some of the Parent challenges. eg Board Game fun: Snakes and ladders, Twister, Large dice hopscotch, large card number bond pairs, Building the largest tower with the same volume of boxes, Building a bridge/chair  from newspapers, spaghetti and marshmallow structures and Mathletics


Children from each year group will be sharing some of the strategies we use at school at strategy stations-come and try calculating using the bar method or solving problems using concrete resources.


For this event to be successful we need you to come along and support us -talk to us about our learning and most of all have fun with maths!


Strategy stations:

EYFS: Maths outdoors and in our environment

Year 1 and 2: Using tens frames and numicon to help with visualisation and number bonds

Years 3: Demonstrating Magic 10

Years 4: Using base 10 or bars to calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Year 5: Problem Solving and Investigations-Leap frog and Milk Crate problem

Year 6: Masking tape Maze on the floor and Parent mathletics


Mad Hatters cake sale

Friday 10th June

Year 2 and Year 3 will be making cakes for the cake sale from 3.20 onwards

Please support your children in those year groups by making or donating cakes. Even better if the cakes are decorated with a maths them!

We will definitely need some wonderful parent helpers to help with the cake sales as they can be a huge success.


Maths gadget shop

A blue letter went out giving more information about this. A Gadget shop Team have been working hard on this so please encourage your children to have a look and buy something between 50p and £4 throughout the week.


Maths Hat Parade

Friday 10th June 2016

EYFS and Year 1 will share their hats to their hats to you. Watch out for posters or notices in Reception or Year 1 for more information



Maths Board Games, mazes and maths trail

Years 4, 5 and 6 will be making board games, mazes and maths trails for other year groups

We will be putting some of these on display in the Reception area from the week 13.06.16