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Christmas songs 2020

Our children will sign their Christmas song in British Sign Language.

More to come soon

Nursery Stars morning class signing "Twinkle twinkle little star"

Nursery Stars afternoon class signing "Twinkle twinkle little star"

Reception Sun and Moon classes signing "Six little snowflakes"

Jupiter 1 signing Santa Shark

Well Done Jupiter 1 !!

Mars 1 singing Mambo Santa Mambo

Well done Mars 1 !! Such a happy signing song!

Saturn 2 signing Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Wow great singing and you all look amazing in your Christmas jumpers! Well done Saturn 2!

Neptune 2 singing Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Great singing and wonderful festive colors on your jumpers! Well done Neptune 2 !

Pluto 3 signing Sleigh Ride

That is really good signing!! Well done Pluto 3 !

Orion 3 signing Let it snow

Wonderful signing! Well done Orion 3 !!

Titan 4 signing Oh holy night

Well done Titan 4! So beautifully signing !

Comet 6 signing "Merry Christmas everyone"