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Year 3: Making cakes, card and board games, Giancarlo Neri table and chair sculpture, life in Victorian Britain, study of Lewis Carroll the mathematician, obstacle courses, dissolving experiments, persuasive posters, fantasy writing

Year 4: Classifying animals, parts of a flower, designing and making maths board games based on a scene for AIW, flower patters, colours and moods, A caucus race, croquet, card games, converting measurements, imaginative writing, menus for a tea party, History of maths around the World, who was Lewis Carroll?

Year 5: Games and patterns, Design own pack of cards, sundials, Teach children how to play chess, word problems, design and make own board games, costings/ budgets and profit, Playing golf, putting challenges, Making party treats, instructional writing,

Year 6: Planning and running the maths Gadget shop as a business, Designing and making maths trails for other year groups, creating mazes for each other, designing and making maths board games