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Nursery new parents meeting for September starters


Frequently Asked Questions


How do we buy the school uniform?

Summerside Academy is a cashless school. To purchase a school sweatshirt fleece, book bag or water bottle you will need to pre-pay on our school money online payment system.

You can purchase the rest of the uniform from a local supermarket.

Once your child is on roll you will be sent a login and password to enable you to make a purchase.

Your child will start nursery on the date sent in your information pack.


Does my child have to wear school uniform?

Yes, it gives your child a sense of belonging to the school and our children are very proud to wear their uniform. It is a very practical uniform, suitable for play and parents are not under pressure on what their children need to wear to Nursery.


Do we need to bring in snacks?

The children are provided with milk and fruit throughout the day. We do not encourage children to bring in their own snacks. The children will need to bring in their own water bottle every day.


If you are entitled to 30 hours is it possible to have every morning and 2 afternoon sessions?

No. If you were to take up a 30 hour place your child would need to attend both morning and afternoon sessions 5 days a week.


If you get cancellations, would you consider moving a start date as my child must be one of the last to start?


We would consider moving a start date forward if we have any cancellations. If your child is unable to join our Nursery,  please let us know so we can offer an earlier start date to other children.


How quickly do you expect children to go full time from part time?

It would depend on your child. As soon as your child settles in happily, we would advise you on increasing the hours.


How many children move up to Reception from the Nursery?

Over 50% of our children move into Reception


Do you need a spare set of clothes/uniform?

You can choose to bring in a spare set of uniform. We do have spare clothes in the Nursery should your child needs changing.


Are children in nursery expected to come in 5 days a week?

Absolutely! Research shows children settle in and make good progress when they attend Nursery regularly.


l just read that the start date for my son is 12th October. Why do they start later and not in September?

We stagger the children’s start date to support them in settling in. We settle 3 children in per week. This is to ensure that the children feel safe, happy and comfortable in their new environment.


Is it possible to see the inside and outside area with the practitioners in action?

We have a soft start and parents can come into the class to help their child settle in for the day which we find really beneficial for our children. 


Is there any after school club for the Nursery children?

No. The ratios are different for the Nursery children therefore we are currently unable to provide wrap around care.


Do nursery children free flow with Reception children?

 Yes!  Children are able to free flow between the Nursery and Reception classes.


 Do you have menus for school dinners? any vegan options?

Yes, the school menu can be accessed on our school website. We offer halal meat and there is always a vegetarian option. We offer a balanced meal cooked in our school kitchen. A vegan option can be offered if requested.


How many staff and children do you have in the Nursery? What is the ratio?

There is always a class teacher and a nursery nurse in the class. We have 26 children in each class. The ratio is 1 adult to 13 children. This is a legal requirement.


Do children wear wellington boots every day for outside activities?

Yes. Especially because the children play with sand and water. We advise that you keep the wellington boots in the Nursery for your child to access daily.


Do the children get any scrapbooks of photos and pictures? I understand how tapestry works but at any time do we get a hard/ printed copy?

We do not provide a hardcopy. You can save the file or print the document if you wish.

The children can bring home their independent/self-chosen work.


Do you offer any forest school sessions?

No. We do have a very well resourced outdoor area and a vast mud kitchen.