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Welcome to Summerside Primary Academy!


Our children love coming to Summerside as they benefit from a full and rich curriculum offer and outstanding pastoral care.  They are excited about learning new things and make excellent progress as a result.  Our staff work hard to ensure that our learners have the skills that they need to succeed in life. Our children care for each other and play safely together. We are proud that children at Summerside are extremely polite and well behaved.


Summerside is incredibly diverse and we celebrate children’s different cultural backgrounds.  We are skilled in providing for children who are new to learning English and have additional needs. We have specialist provision for Deaf children, where children are fully integrated into mainstream classes with specialist support provided by Teachers of the Deaf and Communicators.


Mrs Charlotte Trew


You can find out more information about Summerside's curriculum by clicking on the "Curriculum" tab in the top right-hand corner of this page.


If you have trouble reading or accessing any information on this website or information that is provided by the school in other forms, please contact our admin team on 020 8445 1192 or email [email protected] and we will support you in accessing the information in an alternative way.
If you need any support or an interpreter at a school meeting, please also contact us and we can arrange this. 
If you are a parent or carer and are unable to attend a meeting at school due to a disability, please contact Ms Phillips and we will discuss an alternative way with you.

Paper copies of all information contained on our website is available from our school office on request.