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Year Six Kingswood Trip 2018

Year Six children have arrived safely. They have already completed buggy building and learnt to make their beds. All children are very happy and settled! 

First Night

Problem Solving! How do you get every child over the huge wall?! Just like this! We even got Ms Burdett and Miss Sanett over too!!

Jacobs Ladder


Aeroball and Jacobs Ladder

Campfire Evening

Reading for bed? Night 2!

Crate Stacking


Abseiling - The most challenging activity so far but the children showed real resilience

Nightline - After lots of activities high up in the air yesterday, this morning we faced different challenges...completing an assault course blindfolded having to work together and listen to our friends' instructions, following rhythms on percussion instruments.

Drumming, Fencing and High Ropes - The children have come so far and come on so much. They are being so resilient and stepping up to every challenge! Hopefully it has worn them out for a final night of sleep!

Team Tech - the children have to invent something and present, Dragon's Den style.