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What do our families say?

What do you like most about Summerside?


Each teacher really takes good care of children. 


Friendly kind staff, effective modes of teaching


I love the way they have made me feel welcomed when my daughter only started nor that long ago. The teachers overall very happy with the school. 


The fresh and enthusiastic and professional nurturing approach from all staff. The catering staff do an amazing job! 


Excellent communication with parents


All the staff are friendly and teachers are very good 


How friendly the teachers are, they go out of their way to help children and parents. 


What positive thing(s) would you say Summerside has done for your child?


Helping him with the language, since he did not speak English when he started and encouraging independence


Motivation towards pushing my daughter to her full potential 


She only started a few months ago and she is loving school so much. She loves the teachers she loves her after school dance. 


Relationship with adult, confidence, love for sciences, encourage book reading


It gave him more confidence


Has helped my child to achieve what she is capable of


Why did you choose Summerside for your child's education? 


It was my first choice. I think the school will give the right support to my child.


I heard it was a good school!


I got a good feeling from the school and staff on my first visit. I also knew other children who had been educated there who all read beautifully, which is something I feel strongly about, so I was given confidence in my choice.


I knew it had a sound record and I believe the staff genuinely care about the pupils


I am happy that my child goes to Summerside


Because of the positive attitude of the teachers 


I'm happy with my son's progress