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Key Information

We are very proud to have been judged to be a Good school by Ofsted. Here are some highlights:


We spoke with pupils in every year group and they told us how much they enjoy coming to Summerside. Pupils are polite and respectful to others... Pupils’ achievement, in their learning and behaviour are celebrated every day.


Leaders and teachers expect all pupils to achieve highly. Pupils do well in English and mathematics. They enjoy the new themes, and leaders have good plans in place to help pupils learn even more in subjects such as history and music.


Pupils help each other, often without being asked by an adult. They behave well in lessons and in the playground. Pupils are safe and feel safe.


The school’s ethos encourages pupils to respect difference and to value diversity. Pupils know the importance of inclusion... Pupils get on well with each other.


The early years provides the youngest children with strong foundations for future learning. Staff follow children’s interests and plan activities that develop children’s skills. Staff interact with children well.


Pupils achieve well in reading, writing and mathematics at the end of Year 6. Pupils read fluently and develop strong comprehension skills. They leave the school well prepared for Year 7. Some pupils join the school at different times of the year. Staff help these pupils well. 



Reach 2 Moderated Trust Reviews.


On 30th October and 1st November 2019, Summerside was visited by six reviewers. During the two days, the reviewers thoroughly and rigorously looked at all aspects of school effectiveness. The team:

  • Visited lessons;
  • Talked to parents, staff, children and Governors;
  • Looked at children’s books;
  • Interviewed leaders;
  • Looked in detail at four subjects: Early Reading, Maths, History and Science.

The review team agreed with our own evaluation that the school is in a strong place and provides effective education for our children. Here are some quotes from the team:


“Leaders have taken concerted action over time to improve outcomes and to ensure pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum... They have worked hard to improve the quality of education so that pupils enjoy learning, develop an understanding of the wider world and are well prepared for the next stage of their education.”


“Leaders give early reading a high priority and ensure that pupils develop a love of books and stories from the start of their time at school. In early years, for example, there are a range of very stimulating opportunities for young children to enjoy reading.”


“Pupils at this school learn a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum is not narrowed and leaders have made concerted efforts to ensure that the timetabling of topics and subjects mean that the full range of national curriculum subjects is taught. Pupils agree that they enjoy a wide range of subjects and are increasingly acquiring a broader range of knowledge and understanding from their learning in these subjects.”


“Pupils behave very well and value their education. Adults manage pupils’ behaviour effectively and there are a very effective range of thoughtful strategies to support pupils to self-regulate their behaviour.”


“Pupils are supported to develop strong values and respect for others, including those with different faiths. They talk about issues such as online safety, equality and bullying others with a sense of fairness and recognise that the school encourages them to embrace and celebrate difference.”



Academic Results and Data


The Government will not publish KS2 school level data for the 2021 to 2022 academic year. The last available public data is from the 2018 to 2019 academic year. It is important to note that the data from that year may no longer reflect current performance.


Key Stage 2 results


Working at greater depthReadingWritingMaths

Reading, writing

and maths combined

2023 Summerside Primary Academy*36%25%45%19%
2023 Early National19%13%24%8%
2019 Summerside Primary Academy 11%23%51%4%
2019 National27%20%22%11%
2018 Summerside Primary Academy27%25%27%13%
2017 Summerside Primary School17%27%25%8%




Working at expected standardReadingWritingMaths

Reading, writing

and maths combined

2023 Summerside Primary Academy*83%68%88%67%
2023 Early National73%71%73%59%
2019 Summerside Primary Academy74%84%88%70%
2019 National73%78%79%65%
2018 Summerside Primary Academy77%79%82%70%
2017 Summerside Primary School65%82%75%61%

* 4 children have been removed as they are new to the UK and to English since September 2021.



Progress measuresReadingWritingMaths
2023 Summerside Primary Academy1.00.12.8
2019 Summerside Primary Academy3.15.27.3
2019 National0.00.00.0
2018 Summerside Primary Academy2.73.63.2
2017 Summerside Primary School-

Our 2019 progress scores put us in the top 20% of schools nationally.

Our 2019 Writing and Maths progress scores put us in the top 5% of schools nationally.



Average scaled scoreReadingMaths
2023 Summerside Primary Academy*107108
2019 Summerside Primary Academy103109
2019 National104105
2018 Summerside Primary Academy105106
2017 Summerside Primary School102106
2016 Summerside Primary School104104

* 4 children have been removed as they are new to the UK and to English since September 2021


Link to our online results: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/144653?tab=primary


Key Stage 1 results


Working at greater depthReadingWritingMaths
2023 Summerside Primary Academy19%7%13%
2023 Early National19%8%16%
2019 Summerside Primary Academy32%23%32%
2019 National25%15%22%
2018 Summerside Primary Academy26%14%25%
2017 Summerside Primary School16%12%17%
2016 Summerside Primary School15%0%11%


Working at expected standardReadingWritingMaths

Reading, writing

and maths combined

2023 Summerside Primary Academy69%53%76%39%
2023 Early National68%60%71%56%
2019 Summerside Primary Academy71%61%77%61%
2019 National73%78%79%65%
2018 Summerside Primary Academy72%67%80%66%
2017 Summerside Primary School71%59%72%65%
2016 Summerside Primary School59%43%60%