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Key Information

Reach 2 Moderated Trust Review.


On 14th and 15th November 2018, we had a visit from a team of six reviewers. During the two days, the reviewers thoroughly and rigorously looked at all aspects of school effectiveness. The team:

  • Visited lessons;
  • Talked to parents, staff, children and Governors;
  • Looked at children’s books;
  • Interviewed leaders;
  • Carried out a learning walk.

The review team agreed with our own evaluation that the school is in a strong place and is making good progress to meet the high expectations we aspire to and our children deserve. Here are some quotes from the team:


"There is a culture of high expectations at Summerside. Pupils typically behave very well. They are proud of their school and really love coming to school."


"The school keeps a careful check on how well each individual pupil is doing. Any pupil at risk of falling behind with their learning is quickly picked up and additional support is provided, where appropriate. There is strong commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity for all pupils at Summerside. "


"Pupils are very thoughtful and reflective at Summerside and show high levels of care and concern for others other. Pupils work very well in groups together."


"Lessons are typically well-planned and well-delivered. Teachers plan together in year group teams… and this helps ensure consistent provision across each year group. Teachers and teaching assistants form a strong team; typically working seamlessly together to make a significant contribution to pupils’ learning."

Academic Results and Data


From September 2017, Summerside Primary School became a new school, Summerside Primary Academy.


Key Stage 2 results


Working at greater depth


  Reading Writing Maths

Reading, writing

and maths combined

2019 Summerside Primary Academy * 11% 23% 51% 4%
2018 Summerside Primary Academy 27% 25% 27% 13%
2018 National 28% 20% 23% 10%
2017 Summerside Primary School 17% 27% 25% 8%


Working at expected standard


  Reading Writing Maths

Reading, writing

and maths combined

2019 Summerside Primary Academy* 74% 84% 88% 70%
2018 Summerside Primary Academy 77% 79% 82% 70%
2018 National 75% 78% 76% 64%
2017 Summerside Primary School 65% 82% 75% 61%

* 5 children have been removed as they are new to the UK and to English since September 2017.


Progress measures


  Reading Writing Maths
2019 Summerside Primary Academy 3.1 5.2 7.3
2018 Summerside Primary Academy 2.7 3.6 3.2
2018 National 0.0 0.0 0.0
2017 Summerside Primary School -2.0 2.9 1.0

Our 2019 progress scores put us in the top 20% of schools nationally.

Our 2019 Writing and Maths progress scores put us in the top 5% of schools nationally.


Average scaled score


  Reading Maths
2018 Summerside Primary Academy 105 106
2018 National 105 104
2017 Summerside Primary School 102 106
2016 Summerside Primary School 104 104


Link to our online results: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/144653?tab=primary


Key Stage 1 results


Working at greater depth


  Reading Writing Maths
2018 Summerside Primary Academy 26% 14% 25%
2018 National 26% 16% 22%
2017 Summerside Primary School 16% 12% 17%
2016 Summerside Primary School 15% 0% 11%


Working at expected standard


  Reading Writing Maths

Reading, writing

and maths combined

2018 Summerside Primary Academy 72% 67% 80% 66%
2018 National 75% 70% 76% 65%
2017 Summerside Primary School 71% 59% 72% 65%
2016 Summerside Primary School 59% 43% 60%  

London Borough of Barnet on-line Admissions


Barnet manages admissions on behalf of Summerside. Please apply on-line, using this link.




If you would like to visit Summerside, please contact our school office to arrange a time. 

School Ofsted reports


Summerside Primary Academy currently has no Ofsted report.


Please click the link below for our latest Ofsted report as Summerside Primary School



Information for parents and carers


Please click the link below for the latest information leaflet and videos for parents about end of key stage assessments (often referred to as SATs) for 7 and 11 year olds:



Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


The Children and Families Act  contains a range of measures focusing on vulnerable children and their families. Part 3 of the Act refers to reform in the law for the education of children and young adults up to the age of 25 with Special Educational Needs. The provisions of the new Act apply from September 1st 2014 with the incremental introduction of Education, Health and Care Plans.


Please go to the Special Needs item on this menu to find out more about the new Code of Practice Inclusion